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Spiral Dynamics integral knowledge test

Welcome to the Spiral Dynamics ® knowledge test.

This test measures your cognitive knowledge of Spiral Dynamics and provides you with feedback. It is intended to enhance the learning journey of anybody who is interested in studying Spiral Dynamics. After completing Spiral Dynamics integral level 1 you should be able to pass this test. A few questions are specific to the Integral extension added to the model by Dr. Don Beck.

The test consists of 45 multiple choice questions. Please note that some questions allow only one answer, others allow multiple answers. At the end we ask you some questions about your experience and training which helps us further improve this instrument.

Most people complete this test within 35 minutes. After completion, you will receive a PDF document with your scores and an explanation on any question you have answered incorrectly.

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This test is developed by ValueMatch and Synnervate and provided for free on this platform for anybody to use. No part of this online material or the PDF provided after completion may be copied or used without the prior written consent of both ValueMatch and Synnervate.